What can two minutes of The Simpsons tell you about US perceptions of Cuba?

TV shows can tell us a lot about the relationships between different countries and societies. Placing a TV clip in the context of some basic knowledge about a country and its history can release a wealth of information that is otherwise easy to miss. Take this 2 minute clip of The Simpsons from 1998 in […]

Why unionists and nationalists should not shy away from their competing views on past

There’s no point in providing history students with an inoffensive curriculum, says Ruth Dudley Edwards This article first appeared in The Belfast Telegraph and www.ruthdudleyedwards.co.uk on 27th July 2020.  Ruth Dudley Edwards is a journalist, crime fiction writer and biographer. Last month I saw a young woman on a TV news programme being asked if she […]

Famous deaths, and how to use them in your lessons

During 2022, we lost a number of prominent public figures. While students are familiar with Pele and the Queen, below this top tier, many other famous deaths are reported by the news. Students are likely to have seen these deaths on the news, but may not realise their significance, or understand why some these people […]