Parallel Histories offers a new way to study the history of conflict – history which is still contested, controversial and relevant. Our teaching methodology challenges students to examine the source evidence and debate alternative interpretations before coming to their own view. These are skills which not only help young people with the study of history but also prepare them to become active citizens in healthy pluralistic democracies.


We are open to all schools, and we particularly welcome schools whose students come from areas with high levels of economic and social disadvantage.


Editorial team

Michael Davies
Founder and Editor

Parallel Histories stems from my own past, both my childhood and more recently my experience as a high school history teacher over nearly twenty years.

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Joshua Hillis
Deputy Editor

I became interested in learning about why people think the way they do about the past while studying History at Oxford University. Parallel Histories’ emphasis on teaching history through contested narratives seemed a natural extension of this early interest.

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Luke Bacigalupo
Content Manager

I studied history for my undergraduate degree, but I then I moved away from it for some time. I found myself pulled back towards history as I realised that lying at the core of many political struggles are opposing historical narratives.

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Sarah Gillen
Programme Manager

Growing up and living in Belfast, where dual narratives can be a daily topic of discussion, brought me to Parallel Histories and its aim to encourage teachers not to shy away from controversial histories in the classroom.

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Miriam Tomusk
Programme Associate

I joined Parallel Histories because I was drawn to the way in which parallel narratives provide an accessible way of navigating the study of difficult and controversial history.

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Teacher fellows

Hugh Castle
Chair of Trustees

I’m delighted to have been involved in Parallel Histories from the start both as Chair of Trustees and as the Head of History in one of the schools which pilots Parallel Histories’ new programmes.

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Theo Cohen
French Editor

As the French Editor for Parallel Histories responsible for the expansion of the programme in French speaking countries, I have been delighted by the reaction of French students and teachers to this new approach.

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Stefanie Van Brussel
Belgian Editor

I am a teacher of history and geography at GO! K. Atheneum Antwerp (BE) and I am translating the Parallel Histories approach on ‘Israël-Palestine’ into Dutch and introducing it as good practice in Flanders, and then I hope, the Netherlands.

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Steve Archer

I have been fortunate to look, listen and learn in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, in Bosnia and in different communities across England, about the impact of inherited history and witness the power of education to break down the rhetoric of grievance and justification for conflict.

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Meredith Evans

I’m Head of History at Stepney Green school in East London and I am very excited to be working with Parallel Histories. I was drawn to the project because 99% of our students come from the same background and what I’ve really enjoyed is introducing them to some diverse history with a range of points of view that maybe they haven’t considered before.

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Zameer Hussain

I am a Religious Education teacher at a secondary school in Essex, and I have been Head of Department since 2014. I have represented RE teachers, and Shi’a Muslims, in different contexts including at seminars for grant making trusts, in the House of Lords and at various international venues.

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Al-Yasa Khan

I am Head of School at Abrar Academy in Preston, a school combining both an Islamic and a traditional English curriculum. I studied Archaeology at Durham University because I wanted to unearth the individual in history, and I believe that Parallel Histories takes the humanity in history and pushes it to the forefront.

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Monica McGhee

I am head of humanities in a South Lanarkshire school and a History PGDE Teaching fellow at Moray House, Edinburgh University. I graduated from Glasgow University where my undergraduate dissertation involved researching various interpretations of a key figure of the early Reformation. What stayed with me is that History is made up of so many different interpretations of one event.

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Colette Mazzucelli

I am Professor Colette Mazzucelli, MALD, EdM, PhD and I teach courses in conflict resolution, radicalization & religion, international relations in the post-Cold War era and ethnic conflict and am a recipient of the NYU SPS Excellence in Teaching Award 2013.

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Teresa Cullinan and Michael Bennett

I am Teresa Cullinan, and my colleague Michael Bennett and I are History teachers at St Genevieve’s High School, Belfast. We are delighted to take part in Parallel Histories. Although we have studied the topic of partition before, we’re looking forward to studying it from a different perspective.

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Andrew Dermody
Trustee of Parallel Histories Ireland.

My name is Andrew Dermody and I’m a history teacher at St Finian’s College, Mullingar County Westmeath, and I’m a trustee of Parallel Histories Ireland. I’m really happy to be a new teaching fellow with Parallel Histories, working on the topic of partition and the foundation of Northern Ireland in 1921.

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Jonny Erskine

My name is Jonny Erskine and I am a teacher of History and Politics and a Head of Year at Banbridge Academy, County Down Northern Ireland. I am really excited to be awarded a teaching fellowship with Parallel Histories studying the partition of the island of Ireland in this centenary year.

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Lorraine Glynn
Trustee of Parallel Histories Ireland

I am a teacher of History and English at St. Joseph’s Secondary school in Tulla, Co. Clare. I’m really delighted to take up this Parallel Histories fellowship focusing on an issue that I feel really passionate about, which is encouraging debate and discussion amongst our students.

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Diana MacDougall

My name is Diana McDougall and I’m head of History at Larne High School in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. I’m absolutely delighted to be involved with Parallel Histories and in particular to work out how to best teach our shared past and our shared future in this centenary of the Partition of Ireland.

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Diane McGarvey

My name is Diane McGarvey and I am Head of History in Blessed Trinity College, Belfast. I am excited to be part of Parallel Histories Centenary Teaching Fellowship as it is a great opportunity for our students to develop an appreciation of the importance of investigating the partition of Ireland in 1921.

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Ann-Laure Liéval

I am a History and Geography teacher in Lille, France. My role as part of the Parallel Histories team is to develop teaching material about the Algerian War of Independence. Parallel Histories' methodology enables students to learn the history of and memory surrounding controversial topics, where they can see that these are complex issues involving a diversity of points of view.

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Shellie Webster

I have been working as a fellow with Parallel Histories for several years and will continue to do so for many more to come! I have been involved in implementing their curriculum on the Israel Palestine conflict into our Year 9 curriculum. This has been a fantastic opportunity to embed oracy within our lessons, and our students have thrived and been inspired by the content of the lessons.

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Elena Stevens

I’m Elena Stevens and I work at a school in West Sussex. I am really looking forward to working with Parallel Histories, in particular to develop a scheme of work for Key Stage 3 on the Israel-Palestine conflict. I think for the students that I teach it will be a really good opportunity to develop their appreciation of the fact that history is never value-free and that there are always different ways of looking at things.

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