We have trained over 350 teachers and trainee history teachers from over 200 schools in the UK, Ireland, and across Europe. These professional development workshops are suitable for any teacher who wants to introduce controversial topics into their classroom or wants more of their students discussing and debating.


‘Thank you for such a fantastic session, truly superb and so informative. Positive feedback from the trainees.’

- Edge Hill University, PGCE History Programme

‘I found a lot of the information very interesting and easy to engage with. In particular I appreciated the smaller group size as it gave everybody an opportunity to participate.’

- Conor

‘The CPD was excellent in offering a range of ideas and specifically on how you get pupils debating in the classroom. As a Head of Department, I shall be using elements of this in the New Year to get our teachers thinking about what we should be looking at with our Year 9 SOW. Many thanks for your time and enthusiasm.’

- John

‘Thank you for the CPD it was really useful – a reminder about how powerful looking at both narratives can be. I will definitely be using your resources for our year 9s next term, and am looking forward to the debates this will encourage.’

- Philip

‘Thanks for hosting this evening’s Parallel Histories workshop. I found it to be accessible, engaging, and informative. Your website has a great wealth of resources and I am looking forward to using them when my school can safely allow after-school clubs, extra-curricular and debating in the classroom.’

- Chloe

‘I thought it was informative without bombarding me with information, thank you!’

- Teacher

‘Very useful, as always, the enquiry question and how it was explained in a step-by-step process was very clear.’

- Nicola

‘It was very informative, and the session helped me to think through how I might fit the enquiries into our existing schemes of work. Thank you.’

- Kim

‘The CPD was highly informative and reassuring. I cannot appreciate it enough. All my questions were answered thoroughly in the Q&A session at the end. So, thank you very much to Michael and the team.’

- Sana

‘Thanks so much. I’m feeling invigorated and excited at the prospect of teaching my students how to debate divisive topics robustly but respectfully.’

- Pablo